Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Family Trips

Growing up, we really didn't take many family trips. The ones we did go on were when I was too young to remember. However, one trip I do recall (I must have been 4 years-old) was visiting my greatgrandmother in Utah and sleeping in the basement (it was finished!). My ggrandmother had an old toy monkey that when you wound it up, it banged two cymbals together while opening and closing its mouth and shrieking. I loved it! I also remember my sister teaching me how to do dot to dot puzzles. Lastly, I went fishing with my father and brother and remember being rather bored and smelling fish. I love this memory because I loved my ggrandmother so much. My best childlike memory of her is that she would always take out her false teeth for me!

Today, think about your earliest memory of a family vacation or your favorite family vacation, either as a child or with your own children. Take a moment to jot down your thoughts in a notebook. It could be a fancy leather-bound journal or a $.99 composition book (that's many times what I use). Whatever you use, spend 15-20 minutes writing! Once you start, you'll be surprised by what you remember.


Kate said...

Great and worthwhile idea Jill! Clever blog title too! I enjoyed reading about your family memories.

Helen said...

After Gingers passing, I have really thought about how not in order my priorities are. One of the things I started was journaling, not on my blog, but a personal hand-written journal. You could not have created this at a more perfect time! Thank you!