Thursday, July 31, 2008

Your first home

I grew up in a big Spanish style house. It was old, built in 1920 and had extremely tall ceilings. I loved that house. The living room had a mantle that ran the length of the room. I can recall the day I could finally reach the top of the mantle and thought I was rather tall. My room had dark purple carpet and periwinkle walls (hey, it was the 70's and my older sister picked out the decor). The bathroom had dark blue carpet and no shower, just a bathtub. And the doors! The doors were solid wood with crystal doorknobs. They were beautiful. The front of the house was distinct compared to the other houses on the block. There were two large palm trees in the front, a statue of the deer and a small wall surrounding the house. I remember walking along that wall trying to avoid getting stabbed by the bushes nearby. It's because of that house that I yearn for a Spanish style home.

What was your childhood home like? How many rooms did it have? What was the decor like? Why or why not did you love your home? Please take 15-20 minutes to write about your memories of your first home.

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