Friday, April 17, 2009

Journal entry 229--Schools

Describe how you feel about your state's current education system. Do you think it's doing enough for your children?

I'm personally fed up with our education system. I'm inches away from homeschooling my three kids and I don't really know what's stopping me. It just seems like everyone's priorities are going different ways and no one realizes that the schools need money to give our kids the education they deserve. My boys had a great fourth grade teacher who recognized what to do with gifted kids and always tried new and innovative things with the kids. She just received her pink slip because she is not tenured and at the same time one of the worst teachers is still teaching because she is tenured. My friend is a tenured teacher and she has fought to end tenure because she agrees that teachers should stay because of their merit and skills. Now I know there are many, many tenured teachers out there who are wonderful but I'm talking about the ones who are not and still stay at a school teaching. Arrgghhh! The whole system drives me nuts!

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