Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Journal entry 243--Creativity

Sorry I haven't been posting a lot, but I'm still recovering from shoulder surgery and sometimes it hurts to type on the computer.
When are you the most creative? Early morning or late at night? Why?

I am the most creative the minute my head hits the pillow. At a time when you're suppose to shut your mind down and relax, that's when my brain really starts churning. Many times I keep a note pad on my night stand to jot down ideas otherwise I will inevitably forget by morning. A few months ago, I was writing a play for my church and I must have turned my night light on at least 5 times to write down ideas. Sometimes I don't even bother turning on the light and I just write things down in the dark. I guess I think better at night because all the distractions of life are gone for the moment and I can actually hear myself think!


Ruth Folit said...

I notice I'm creative at odd times--sometimes during the day. Other times just as I go to sleep. If I'm at my computer, I capture my creative ideas on my LifeJournal journal software ( Very convenient, when I'm on my computer for much of the day anyway!

Anonymous said...

my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.