Sunday, September 7, 2008

Journal entry 41--Playing with a friend

Describe a time during childhood when a friend came over to play. What did you do? What games did you play?

My friend, Melinda came over to my house when we were 4-years-old. While she was over we wanted to ice skate, however, because we lived in sunny California there was no ice. So we did what any other 4-year-olds would do--we made our own ice skating rink in my kitchen. We covered the floor with leaves and pour water all over them. Then we happily skated around until my mom walked in and almost had a heart attack. She quickly shooed us outside with peanut butter sandwiches and some chocolate chips for dessert while she cleaned up. Well we must have been bored because soon there was sand in our sandwiches and the chocolate chips melted on a hot, metal slide which we then slid down in white shorts. I don't think my mom ever had Melinda back again, but we sure had fun.

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