Friday, January 2, 2009

Journal entry 150--Moms

Is there anything your mother did while you were growing up that you swore you'd never do with your children, but actually do?

I've copied a lot of my mother's sayings and facial expressions. Funny words like "honyak"or "skiwampus" seems to infiltrate my vocabulary often. I'm particular about the way my bed is made and presents need to be wrapped tight and neat just like my mother did. I also have a look I give to both my kids and husband when they've been naughty, which is the same look my mother gave to me. And if my dog is being troublesome, I usually say an exasperated "Awwhh" in a tone of disgust, which again I picked up from mom. However, my mother died when I was 20 years old, so my children have never known her. So I try to say and do things that she did and point out to them that their grandma used to say this or that. I figure it's one way for my kids to know their grandma.

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