Saturday, January 3, 2009

Journal entry 151--Illegal

Have you ever done something illegal? Did you know it was illegal at the time of the crime?

I did the kiddie crime of taking a piece of candy from the bulk candy section of the grocery store when I was 5 years old. Once my mother found out, she hauled me back to the store and I returned the candy and apologized. I never took another piece of candy. The worse illegal activity I did was when I was 13 years old. Now let me preface this by saying that at the time I honestly didn't think I was doing something wrong and illegal. It was just a typical clueless teenager time for me. On a Saturday, my friend and I rode our bikes to our Jr. High School and there we found a piece of chalk. What else could we do with a piece of chalk except write on the back of the lockers, "I love Brad" or "Brad is a babe." I had a big crush on this boy and I guess I wanted to tell the world. Although I didn't leave my name. Looking back on the occasion through adult eyes, I can see how terrible I was for doing this regrettable act. Now I would faint if I found out that my children ever vandalized!

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