Sunday, January 4, 2009

Journal entry 152--Sundays

Finish the following sentence: To me, Sundays are...

To me Sundays are literally a day of rest. I love Sundays because it's the day I attend church and can feel spiritually uplifted and it's a day to be with my family. After church, we come home, put on cozy clothes and cuddle under a big blanket while watching a movie. We also use that time for playing family games together. There are times when we invite some good friends over for dinner and games or we might go to other family's house for dinner.
Whatever we do, we try to stay together as a family and make Sunday a special day of the week. Our life normally is so busy with soccer, piano, and scouting that I look forward to a day of the week where I don't have to be anywhere except church and that's a place I want to be.

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