Saturday, January 17, 2009

Journal entry 162--Connections

How do you stay connected to the people you care about most?

I talk on the phone. I have always been a phone talker. Every day after school, my best friend and I would talk on the phone for hours. This, of course was before texting, email and facebook. Sometimes I miss receiving letters in the mail as opposed to email. It's something to look forward to. Blogging is another way I've found to stay connected to friends. We're able to read about each other's struggles and successes and see their children grow. It still is rather impersonal but certainly works well for long distant friends.

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Jenera said...

I've been using some of your prompts for a little bit now. Sometimes I write it down for later use but I use them.

I wanted to say thank you because it helps when I hit a block.