Monday, February 2, 2009

Journal entry 177--Advice

What is a piece of advice you can share that you learned from your mother?

My mother was full of advice that I respectfully ignored being the all wise teenager that I was. One piece of advice that comes to mind and puts a smile on my face is "don't leave the house without makeup or at least lipstick on. You never know who you might run into." Well, I can say that I do leave the house without makeup and I've never run into anyone famous or an old boyfriend. However, I've followed her advice about wearing lipstick because the older I get, the more transparent my lips become. I'll always remember my mother putting on lipstick in the car. She had at least 3 in her purse at all times. And now if you look in my purse, you'll find the same.

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Mom said...

I don't really recall much advice that my mother or stepmother ever gave to me.

I did, however, just write a post about how my own teenage daughter who once thought I was clueless has suddenly realized that I "know" stuff.