Thursday, February 12, 2009

Journal entry 186--Funny Moment

Describe a funny moment that has happened in you life recently.

Last spring my son, Chris was in a play which was all about the inner workings of the body. Each child was a certain organ, ie, the lovely liver, kidney twins and my personal favorite, the raging hormone. Chris got to personify the hormone even though he had no idea what it actually meant.

The play started out like most school plays. Kids filing onto the stage, cameras clicking and flashing all around and various waves from the actors to their parents. We were sitting in the front row eagerly watching Chris sing with his class when I started to notice a strange look on his face.

Me: (whispering) Devin, what's wrong with Chris? Is he scared?

Brad: (who obviously thinks he's Devin, chirps up) That's what he looks like when he's going to sneeze.

Me: stare blankly at Brad.

At this point I start to realize where this is all headed. Vomitland. Without making too much of a scene, I repeatedly nudge my head over to one side telling him to get off the stage. I'm sure from behind I looked like those guys on Saturday Night Live that dance to "What is Love?"

"Get off the stage!" Just as I was about to run up the stage to rescue him like the Super Mom that I am, it happened. Projectile vomit. He timed it perfectly because they were right in the middle of singing, "Internal, internal, internal organs..." I think every jaw dropped opened at that moment. Then just to put that extra cherry on top, Chris turned to the side to finally walk off the stage and, you guessed it, more projectile vomit. We all got a side view as well.

Next we got to hear a kids chorus of "ewwww." The teachers ushered the kids off. Mr. janitor got the pleasure of cleaning up said vomit and I got to sit--still in the front row mind you--and wait for the lovely aroma of stomach acid to clear the air.

Poor guy, but the show must go on. And it did. Of course no one would stand in the ghostly vomit spot even though it was cleaned up. Chris waited for his lines back stage. Everyone cheered for him after he did his part. What a trooper.

Let me know if you ever get to see the video of this on America's Funniest Videos.


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