Sunday, February 1, 2009

Journal entry 176--What do you do with a dare?

Describe a time when someone dared you to do something. Did you give into the dare or walk away? What was the dare?

When I was in Nursery School, a boy dared me to punch him in the nose. He thought that I was some meek little girl who wouldn't dream of hurting another child. Well I guess he was wrong. I balled up my girlie fist and let him have it. His nose even started bleeding. The teacher soon found out what happened and I got in trouble. I remember skirting around the table trying to act innocent while defending myself. "He told me to do it!" I proclaimed. The teacher didn't buy it and I was sent to time-out.


Anne said...

I am sorry that you got in trouble, but good for you, showing that boy that little girls are tough too.

Janet Ann said...

Good for you! Sometimes it is very much worth it to get in trouble. When I was that age a bigger boy used to torment me, so I got a book on Judo from the library and studied it very carefully. The next time he put his hands on me, I grabbed his thumb and he ended up flying over my left shoulder, hit the floor with a thud and then slid down the hallway about 5 feet greatly to the amusement of other kids he had picked on before. Neither he nor any other boy in that small town ever messed with me again, even though I was the runt of the class!.

Sometimes surprise gives one an advantage!