Friday, February 6, 2009

Journal entry 181--Seasons

Finish this sentence: When I think of snow, I think of...

When I think of snow, I think of skiing. I love to ski but unfortunately don't get to do it that often. When my husband and I lived in Utah for awhile and had no children, we went skiing all the time. It was great. Now I'm lucky if we go once a year. Another thing I think of is the time I lived in Buffalo, NY and was bombarded with snow all winter. The snow piles in our backyard were literally up to my thighs and I can't even describe how cold it was. Cold for a native New Yorker, freezing for me, a native Californian! I have to say I'm glad I no longer live in the snow. To me snow is like a grandchild. I like to be around it but when it gets annoying I get always go home to get away.

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