Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Journal entry 64--Backyard

Describe your childhood backyard. What made it so fun to play in?

I grew up thinking my backyard was huge! When in fact, it was average size but I still had a lot of fun in it. My brother and I would make up many games, such as golf, rubber band fights, and shooting our BB guns. We had an extremely large tree in the back and once I set up a tire swing on it. After swinging back and forth on that swing the rope eventually wore down and broke while I was in mid air. I fell flat on my back. We also had an orange tree and my mother would squeeze oranges all winter for juice. To this day I have a hard time drinking OJ from concentrate. Another time, my brother and I lit our gingerbread house on fire and shot at it with BB guns. We were destructive but had so much fun. Growing up I had a lot of pets. Several of our pets were buried in the backyard when they died. I've always wondered what the new owners might think if they come across an animal skeleton in their backyard. During my childhood, my backyard held several cat litters, a tortoise, pet rabbits, and many, many hours of cartwheels and flips. I loved playing in my backyard.

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