Saturday, October 11, 2008

Journal entry 74--Sixth grade

Describe an experience when you were in sixth grade.

During Christmas time my sixth grade class held a white elephant gift exchange where you are supposed to bring in an unwanted gift from home and exchange it with another. I brought some little animals that my sister had made out of salt dough and painted. She originally wanted to turn them into pins to wear but decided against it for some reason. During the exchange my friend picked my present because she knew I brought it. I kept warning her that it was a lame gift but she insisted on choosing it. When she opened the gift she just looked at me and glared.

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Dana said...

Thanks for the blog! I didn't know about it 'til this morning! Your history is so fascinating! My most vivid memories of sixth grade were having to wear bloomers for gym class and dancing to the tune of "Crocodile Rock" for exercize with the other girls (including the 2 gym teachers!) Also, I remember being the "lookout" for the girls who were outside of the gym smoking.