Saturday, October 18, 2008

Journal entry 80--Eleventh grade

Describe an experience when you were in eleventh grade.

I was in Tall Flags when I was in eleventh grade and during a field show practice hurt myself badly. Now as a rule, whenever a Tall Flag is tossed up into the air, it needs to be thrown slightly ahead so you can march forward to it. I must have forgotten this rule because after I threw my flag in the air, it wasn't there when I marched forward. I looked up to see where it went and BAM! the end of the pole hit me right above my eye near my eyebrow just barely missing my eye. The flag pole did not have a rubber tip on the end, so it sliced opened my skin.
I literally didn't know what hit me. My advisor ran out and found me on the ground with my face covered in blood. A few stitches later and I was as good as gold.

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