Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Journal entry 90--Momisms

Describe a momism which is something funny your mother believed and made you believe until you found out differently.

My mother thought that for sure, a child was suppose to have the same blood type as their father. This is only halfway true. The child should have the same blood type as their father AND their mother. I have the same type as my mother but she was not happy when I told her that. She thought I was accusing her of having an affair with another man! I first found out my blood type in High School human physiology and I know I was right because my teacher gave me an A on the project. But, my mother would have none of it and refused to acknowledge that I had a different blood type than my father even though it was the same as hers.

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Suzie Petunia said...

I can't think of a single thing! To this day, I still think my mom knows everything. :)