Monday, December 1, 2008

Journal entry 122--Memorable

Describe an event in your life that was memorable.

One of the most memorable event in my life was when my daughter was born. Aside from the fact that you have a child coming into the world, this event was memorable because of the way she started coming. I was already four days over due and woke up with contractions 10 minutes apart. I took it easy that morning, as easy as any mother of twin 4 year old boys can. That day was also the day the electric company was installing a new electrical pole in our back yard. The front of our house was filled with trucks and huge cranes. My boys loved it! Our entire neighborhood was out of power as well as my cell phone so I had no way to contact my husband to tell him I needed to go to the doctor. I packed up my boys and waited until a contraction stopped, then headed over to my husband's work. I timed it perfectly because as soon as I parked, I had another contraction. We dropped the kids off at a friend's house and headed over to the doctor, who after checking me told me to go home, drink water and rest to make sure it wasn't false labor. I was already 4 days overdue!! My doctor, I found out later, had tickets to a Laker's game and didn't want to miss it. We picked up the kids and my husband had a brilliant idea to get some ice cream, only he ordered a handmade smoothie that took the worker 20 minutes to make. By this time, my contractions are 5 minutes apart. I honestly thought I would give birth on the floor of Cold Stone Creamery. Finally we went home and I waited until 5:00 to call the on call doctor, who thankfully told me to go to the hospital. After dropping the kids off again at a friend's house and listening to my hubby chat with that friend, I got to head over to the hospital where I gave birth 6 hours later to my daughter.

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