Thursday, December 18, 2008

Journal entry 138--Child

Describe one of your children. If you do not have any children, describe a close friend.

My youngest child is Olivia. She is spunky, precocious, logical and sensitive. At times, I feel like I'm talking to an adult who challenges anything I say with a logical retort. Olivia is a girly girl who loves makeup, nail polish and glitter. She loves to play soccer and the piano, but hates to make mistakes. She's a perfectionist, which can be very annoying when I'm trying to teach her something. Livie (her nickname) also loves to talk and can give a lengthy answer to the simple question: "how are you doing?" I love my little girl. She balances out our male dominated household and brings us all joy. Livie has so much faith in God that I'm constantly impressed by her. She's thoughtful and kind to others, smart and challenging and I can't imagine life without her.

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