Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Journal entry 103--Unique

Write about someone you know who is unique. What makes this person so unique?

When my husband and I lived in Utah, there was a woman named Talitha who was probably the most unique, eccentric person I have ever known. Her house decor was eclectic as well as her taste. She wore beautiful, vintage clothing and costume jewelry and her television was always turned to QVC to order any trinkets she might be missing. Talitha drove an old, orange Mercedes with matching, furry seat covers. Inside and out the car was orange. On one occasion I went with her to a pawn shop to look for old jewelry. She decided to bring her pet ferret with us into the store. Of course, the ferret escaped and we chased it all over the shop until someone grabbed it. All the while, Talitha was unfazed and laughing about the situation. We got back into her orange Mercedes with the ferret and her Cocker Spaniel which was waiting patiently in the car and drove home. Talitha brought some fun and uniqueness to my life.

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