Saturday, November 15, 2008

Journal entry 107--Grandparent's house

What are reminded of when you think of your grandparent's house.

I think the color blue because they had light blue carpet everywhere. Even the kitchen had carpet only it was the kind especially made for kitchens. I wanted carpet in my kitchen when I grew up because of grandma's house. Their bathroom had a sunken shower. You had to walk down 3 steps to get to the shower. One of my childhood wishes was to fill it up with water and swim in it. My grandmother also had an oil lamp in her bathroom. The kind of lamp that looks like it's raining but it's oil drops sliding down wires. My grandparent's house was such a fun place to play as a child. She had a rose garden with probably 50 bushes that smelled like heaven along with two lemon trees. Those lemons were in her wonderful lemon meringue pie, which we ate at every family get together. My grandma was an organists so she had two beautiful organs and a baby grand piano. She would teach me some organ techniques and I loved to play on the organs. When I think of my grandparent's house, I think of togetherness, love and security.

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