Monday, November 24, 2008

Journal entry 116--Autumn

Describe what is it you like or dislike about the season, Autumn.

I love the fall! We use to live back East and Autumn was my favorite season. It was a time of crisp, cool air and colorful falling leaves. Everything about it was and still is--cozy weather. The kind that wraps you up in a blanket in front of the fire with a warm mug of cocoa. Fall signifies the coming of the holidays, whichever you celebrate. I especially like it when it rains and you can stay inside and watch the drops splash as they hit the ground. Each fall, back East was a time for fresh pressed apple cider and homemade doughnuts. Delicious! Now I live in an area that is sunny all year long. For that I can't complain, but I do at times miss the colors and crisp air of Eastern Autumns.

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