Saturday, November 22, 2008

Journal entry 114--Embarrassment

Describe a time when you were embarrassed. What happened?

I was just thinking today about a time when I was in second grade and a boy in class liked me. It was always difficult for me to not be embarrassed about boys when I was little because I had an older brother who painfully teased me about everything. In class, I was the classmate of the week and each child had to fill out a form telling why they thought I should be the classmate of the week. A boy named Mike had a crush on me and wrote on the back of his paper, "I love you." I wanted to crawl under a rock! That booklet was supposed to be displayed on my desk for back to school night. Everyone would see it! I had a plan. I scribbled on the back of all the papers so it would not look out of the ordinary. Looking back, you can still see Mike's words of adornment. Apparently my scribble plan didn't work.

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