Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Journal entry 97--Collection

Write about something you collected as a child or that you collect now. If it was something collected as a child, do you still collect it?

I use to collect anything that had to do with cows. I had cow Christmas ornaments, garland, shirts, stuffed cows, mugs, stickers, books, and slippers. For Halloween one year, I even dressed up as a cow. For years, friends and family would give me anything connected to cows for my birthday and holidays. After a while, I stopped wanting to collect cows. However, my friends and family did not receive that memo! For another couple of years, I continued to receive cows related items as gifts. I don't collect cow things anymore. I now collect Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments!


rebecca said...

Jill! We are cow collecting sisters! I used to collect cow things too! And I had the same experience with people over cow gifting.

Now I collect children (he he!) and Christmas nativities.

Jill said...

Thanks for the comment. I stopped collecting children after three!