Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Journal entry 117--Finds

Describe a time when you found something really exciting, something that made your day or possibly changed your life.

When I was 5 years-old and walking across the street, I saw a desert tortoise in the middle of the road. He was about the size of a softball and had no choice in the fact that I grabbed him and headed home. My mother was use to my sister and I bringing home strange stray animals and didn't really object. My brother fixed up a cage for the tortoise and I named it Pokey because it continually stuck its head through the chicken wire fencing that held him in. I kept Pokey for another 15 years and he tripled in size! He "ran" all over the backyard and actually came when he heard me call for him! I guess my voice was associated with dinner. Pokey was finally donated to a desert tortoise protection group because they are endangered animals. I'm sure he's still alive and even bigger.

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