Saturday, August 2, 2008

Best Friends

My best friend growing up was Nadia. We spent the night at each other's houses almost every weekend. We talked on the phone so much that we would run out of things to say so we would make up games on the phone instead. One time I actually fell asleep while talking to her! We were constantly making up games and stories to go with our barbies and stuffed animals. I remember we created our own language called Cucamonga (we had no idea it was a city) where every word you spoke started with the letter "p." For example Pare pyou poing po pthe pore? We were silly and creative! It's interesting that we both grew up to be writers. Her parents were from Afghanistan and Pakistan so I was fortunate to grow up eating their amazing cuisine. Nadia and her family were so kind and generous and I feel blessed to have had her as my friend.

Who was your best friend? Who's your best friend now? What are some things you did with this person? Are you still friends today? Think about a best friend in your life and write about them.

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