Friday, August 29, 2008

Journal entry 31--First day of school

With the new school year starting, I thought it would be fun to write about your first day of school. Describe what it was like, the friends you made, etc. Did you like your teacher?

I remember my first school day starting first grade. I was walking to my classroom and saw a girl ahead of me. I ran up to her and introduced myself (I wish I still had that kind of bravery). Her name was Annie and she said "hi" to me. We walked to class getting to know each other. Other than that I don't recall many more first school days except starting 7th grade. I remember being terrified at starting Jr. High School and not having any of my friends there. I wore Levi 501 jeans and a red polo shirt. My cousin, who went to the same school, and I clung to each other for the next 2 weeks until we were able to make new friends. It was a scary time!

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