Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Describe a favorite teacher or one that you remember well. How did they inspire you in school?

My favorite teacher was my high school Biology/Zoology teacher, Mr. Allee. He saw my potential and expected nothing less. It's because of him that I started taking my Biology class more seriously and ended up with A's in the class. I liked Mr. Allee so much that I took him for Zoology and was his teacher's assistant. He was always kind, helpful and a wonderful teacher from whom I learned a great deal about science.

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Jen O. said...

Hi Jill - this is a cool blog. Thanks for sharing such a great idea and so much about yourself. My favorite teacher was my high school Biology teacher too. Mr Prochnau was so funny. He always made us laugh and made learning fun. In all my years as a student, it took until I was a sophomore to meet a teacher that actually inspired me. It wasn't that I loved Biology, it was that learning was fun.

One time he had a big scrape on his elbow and was scratching at the scab, grossing all of us girls out. Well, he asked if anyone had ever eaten a scab, which of course, grossed us out even more. He then picked off a little piece and ate it, saying "What... it's just like eating a little beef jerky...you know...dried up raw flesh..." To this day, I cannot eat beef jerky, thanks to Mr. Prochnau.