Saturday, August 30, 2008

Journal entry 32--What's in a name?

How do you feel about your name? Have you always liked it or wanted to change it the moment you turn 18? Does your name have special meaning to it or were you named after someone?

I've had a love/hate relationship with my name. I never liked how at school no one shared my name with me and I also didn't like how plain it sounded. I did like, however, the fact that my name lends itself to a thousand nicknames. It seems as though most of my close friends have a nickname for me--their own unique nickname that only they use. My parents almost named me three other names, either Joy, Jacqueline or Jennifer. I always wanted to be Jennifer. In fact many of my best friends growing up were named Jennifer. My name was chosen because it was the only name on which my parents could agree. I'm used to my name now and am not planning on changing it anytime soon. I figure when I die my tombstone will say, "Here lies the girl with a thousand nicknames."

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