Friday, August 15, 2008

Journal entry 17--Least favorite animal

What's your least favorite animal or animals? Maybe you just don't like animals and can live without them. But is there an animal that scares you or makes you cringe? Why?

Rats! Rats make me cringe. I know they're smart and supposedly make great pets but they are just creepy to me. I remember playing at a friend's house when I was in first grade; she had pet rats. We played with them and held them all day long. While I was holding one of the rats and staring at its red eyes and thick tail I thought, "yuck, why am I playing with a rat?" It was after that that I went home and never went back to the girl's house to play. Thus began my aversion to rats. If I ever found a rat in or near my house, I think I would scream and have a stroke.
Another animal of which I'm not fond is the goose. They're just plain nasty creatures. Whenever I've been near a goose, it inevitably chases me while hissing. Geese terrify me.

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