Friday, August 8, 2008

Unusual Jobs

What was your most unusual job? How old were you when you had the job? Maybe you're still with the job! Please take a moment to describe why your job was so different.

My jobs have always been pretty mainstream--working at a Veterinarian's office, babysitting, dog groomer, journalist--yet the most unusual job for me was watching a stock ticker. Each morning I went to my neighbor's house and sat at a desk and watched the stock ticker at the bottom of the TV. I have to say it was the most BORING job I've ever had. I was young and so I think my neighbor was just trying to help me earn money, however I couldn't take it! I quit after a few days. It was dreadful.

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rebecca said...

When I was 20, my boyfriend (now husband) worked for a corn maze as a "Corn Cop". The maze needed some extra help one day, so I signed up. I had to go through the entire process including filling out W2 forms (Is that what they're called? It's been so long since I was gainfully employed!) etc. The parking area at the maze was just a giant field of dusty dirt. My job was to spray the ground with water to cut down on the dust flying around in the air. So all day, as people came and went, I walked back and forth, up and down, spraying and respraying the parking field with a garden hose. Boring, pointless and an incredible waste of water.