Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Journal entry 29--Smells

What's your favorite smell or smells? What scents remind you of something nostalgic or invokes a memory?

I have three favorite smells--wet asphalt after it rains, a dryer vent while it's going, and a new puppy's breath. The first smell reminds me of rainy days and coming home from school cold and wet. After changing into dry clothes, I'd stand by the heater and warm up. Wet asphalt remind me of coziness. I love walking by dryer vents while the dryer is going and smelling the fresh clean smell. It makes me feel like everything I'm wearing is fresh. Puppy breath is just plain yummy! My husband thinks I'm crazy but I like that milky new breath before they start eating dog kibble and their breath becomes really bad!

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rebecca said...

My favorite childhood smell memory that I can almost conjure up sitting here is the inside of my Dad's morotcycle helmet. I was just a kid, 4 or 5 year old, when he'd give me rides around the block on his motorcycle. I'd use his helmet to ride my own little bike which I called my "zoom!" One of my most favorite pictures of myself is of me riding my zoom with my dad's helmet. The smell is actually probably gross - sweaty dad head - but to me, it's yummy memories of my awesome dad.